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Tea Ware & Accessories -
Bamboo Tea Tray set

Tailored for your wonderful preparation of fine Koko teas (Refer to Chinese tea preparation for the traditional brewing method)

Porcelain Teapot
Best suited to brew the greens and flower tea
Procelain Teacups
For your tasting pleasure (be sure to take tea in small sips not Yam Seng style)
Procelain Smelling Cup
The tall glass are meant to arouse your aromatic senses before drinking



Tea Accessories

Tea scoop
It helps in scooping the tea out from the tea canister
Tea chopsticks
Aid in clearing the spout of the teapot if congested
Tea picker
Washing of teacups
Tea ring
Meant to sit on top of the teapot, the tea scoop containing the fine tea can be pour into the teapot without spilling.